StonCor Construction Products Group combines a wide selection of world leading products to provide a complete and comprehensive solutions portfolio.  Our diverse range includes Vandex, Five Star, StonDeck, StonWalk, StonFlow, LeakInject, CarboComp and Joint Stabilizer.  This combination of products allows us to tackle projects from the smallest repair, to full scale refurbishment on existing structures, to the demanding requirements of new build design - we have products for all your construction and repair needs.


StonCor Group Canada, an RPM Performance Coatings Company, is the Canadian leader in providing innovative solutions to protect and enhance our customers’ infrastructure by combining the products and resources of world leading corrosion control companies – Stonhard, Carboline and Fibergrate.  In 2009, StonCor Group Canada introduced a new division, StonCor Construction Products Group (CPG) which bridged its existing company brands with quality building products that our customers know and trust.  Our Construction Products Group focuses on areas that require long-term protection and quality support in both new and old structures such as: repair, restoration, strengthening, waterproofing, corrosion protection, upgrading of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, parking decks and structures, as well as precision grouts for equipment support and stabilization.

Over 90 years of field experience has solidified StonCor’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and uncompromising quality.  StonCor Group understands the challenges and opportunities facing corrosion protection, and provides a single source for all coatings, lining, flooring, fireproofing, FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), grating and structural system needs. Our products are engineered to provide long-term, cost-effective systems that provide corrosion and abrasion resistant solutions.

Our staff of approximately 250 employees are highly skilled and extensively trained, many of which have long-term tenure with StonCor.  We are committed to attracting, rewarding and retaining talented people who are passionate about making a positive impact in their professional and personal lives every day.  Their ingenuity, dedication and teamwork are essential to ensure that our clients are delivered a world-class product while also ensuring the highest level of expertise is awarded. 

Visit www.stoncor.ca for the complete company portfolio.

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