Bringing World Class Brands Together

Stonhard Construction Solutions combines a wide selection of world leading products to provide a complete and comprehensive infrastructure solutions portfolio.  We tackle projects from the smallest repair, to full scale refurbishment on existing structures, to the demanding requirements of new build design - we have products for all your construction and repair needs.

Stonhard Construction Solution’s diverse portfolio of construction product solutions include Five Star, Vandex, StonDeck, StonFlow, Joint Stabilizer, Stonwalk, CarboComp, and LeakInject. We offer long-term protection and quality support in both new and old structures, such as: repair, restoration, strengthening, waterproofing, corrosion protection, upgrading of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, parking decks and structures, as well as precision grouts for equipment support and stabilization.

We are dedicated to providing value to our customers through technical advancement, specification assistance and technical support coupled with our “Best In Industry” customer support programs and service.