Joint Stabilizer SD5, SD6, SD7

SD Joint Stabilizers are a fast, cost-effective and efficient fix for loose, rocking, spalled joints or cracks in concrete floors. SD Joint Stabilizers are designed to eliminate damaging deflection and restore smooth, positive load transfer at all joints and cracks - quickly, easily and permanently. The patented SD Joint Stabilizers feature an internal mechanism that expands and contracts with the concrete while maintaining extreme positive pressure (8,000 lbs [36kN]) on both slab sections that it makes contact with. Joint integrity is re-established when SD Joint Stabilizers are installed, resulting in smoother, safer and uninterrupted production. SD Joint Stabilizers come in 3 lengths, all of which are 3 inches in diameter
depending on the specific slab to be repaired: SD5 (5 inch), SD6 (6 inch) and SD7 (7 inch).


  • Restores positive load transfer by re-establishing slab integrity
  • Installs quickly with very little downtime, mess or disruption
  • Joint deflection can be easily verified by measurement before and after installation
  • Increases productivity while decreasing vehicle maintenance and downtime
  • Cost-effectively lowers the risk of accidents, injuries, and damaged products
  • Helps improve pedestrian safety by reducing slips, trips and falls
  • A cleaner, faster alternative to pressure grouting and dowel bar repair


  • Warehouses
  • Retail Stores
  • Food Distribution
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • High Load Areas